Espresso shots and real talk

What I thought would be an uneventful day turned out to be the opposite. My Monday gym workout still went as planned with Nicole and Steph. The program killed us and we all know we will be cursing Steph later when we get to training. However, the adrenaline rush I get whenever I work out got me pumped up even more.

Tonight’s agenda: Coffee Shop Hopping

Tonight’s plan was totally uncalled for. Nicole just invited me to a study/coffee date with Celeen and it got us to Makati. Using my #bookyapp, I was able to get us to our first stop, Yardstick.

1st stop: Yardstick

Found in Esteban St. in Legaspi Village, the place was rather calm as compared to the crowded resto beside it. The coffee shop was very spacious and serene. I ordered a tuna sandwich while Celeen got a cup of flat white coffee. We all agreed to take turns in getting something to drink as we go coffee shop hopping. The sandwich was tasty and the coffee great but the conversations with my friends were the best.


I don’t know why but these girls just know when I need advices the most and when I just need a good laugh. I am truly blessed! We decided to walk around after finishing the food in the hopes of getting to a near coffee shop.

Second stop: Milky&Sunny

This one wasn’t part of the coffee shop list but we went in anyway. We have been planning to have breakfast here before but haven’t had the time to do so. Upon entering the place, one will be greeted by a bright and sunny ambiance. I felt like I just woke up and I dropped by to have my breakfast. It was a 2-in-1 resto, the other was called Yellow Halo. We had fun taking pictures and goofing around. We left smiling and feeling sunny!



Third and the last: The Curator

I’d like to think it was out of luck and serendipity to have found this place. We were looking for the entrance when strangers asked us if we were lost. We hesitated to say so at first but we obviously were so we said yes. They were kind enough to give us directions going to the Curator which was like a back room to this wine shop. Only to find out, they were ones running the place! Ha! They said they weren’t serving coffee anymore at that hour but they still served us espresso blended cappuccinos. From the three, this was my favorite. Aside from the unexpected entrance, the inside is just as interesting. I’d definitely go back with my friends there maybe for some drinks.

This night was definitely what I needed. As always, when I am with them, I get to loosen up and just babble on. Life realizations sometimes hit you hard. Though it’s better when you have friends with you to talk to, so it’s not that painful. 😉 to more nights like this!



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