April Fool’s day

It is already the 1st of April. Oh how time flies. It feels like yesterday it was just New year’s eve and yet now summer is fast approaching. Today is especially exciting because I get to go home and have lunch with my high school friends!


I always take the train going to the north but today was less busy than usual days. I took Line 1 alone and when I got to Recto (Line 2) I was met by my friend Jamie and her boyfriend. Although it’s good traveling with friends, I find it more comforting travel alone sometimes. It helps me think and reflect about my actions, etc. Sounds boring but I find it good for my well-being.



We planned this lunch late last week and we try to go out more often together. This restaurant is owned by our batch mate so it is closer to our hearts if one would say. Crizelle has been here before and she recommended their pork ribs. It costed us only 250 pesos and came with rice and a glass of iced tea. Not bad for a starting up restaurant. We all got ribs and an extra order of their barbeque wings.


I must say, the ribs were pretty good. And I like that it had vegetables in the side to balance out the dish. However, we had a hard time finishing the wings. We even forced Crizelle to eat one piece even though she wasn’t a fan. We stayed longer in Blake’s than expected because we had too much talk about, too much pictures to take and too much laughter. The place was photogenic and the ambiance was cool and hip.



My friends has been with me ever since high school and now that I am about to finish my degree in college, I wish to spend more time with them. As the saying goes, “friendships that last for more than 7 years are said to last a lifetime”.


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