Art with a Heart


Yesterday, me and my fellow practicum students were required to attend an art auction activity and stay in school until 730 pm. We were in charge of setting up and ushering. When Chin was asked about the intermission number, she immediately asked me to sing so I sang around 2 songs during the auction. The first song was “When you say nothing at all” and the second one was “Stay with me”. I sang with Chin while she played using my ukulele. It was better than I expected. I thought I was gonna mess up or nobody would sing along but suprisingly the chair of the department did! I was so happy I didn’t feel nervous anymore.

One of the professors and practicum supervisors gave us a chance to pick one artwork we wanted. We thought we were required to buy but then he told us it was on him. I was already eyeing this simple robot drawing by the Dean and it’s price was cheap so I got it. I was also able to get a picture with the artist himself with my friends.


The activity was a success and I was glad to be a part of it. Although not much people came as compared to last year’s, the college was still happy it turned out well. Last art auction before my batch graduates! Definitely one to remember.


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