Faithfulness and Nike

“Just do it.”

Today I’ve learned that faithfulness entails a choice to just do it. All along I thought faithfulness is mainly just about having unfaltering faith in God, but I was wrong. Yes it is true that we have to be faithful in Him but the practical applications of being faithfulness doesn’t only end there. In the book A Young Woman’s Walk with God by Elizabeth George, she gave things we can do in order for us to be faithful. Most of which are possible to attain in our everyday lives.

Being faithful we can choose to just:
1. Call upon God in prayer
2. Be faithful even in the smallest of things- people who can be entrusted with the small things can be trusted with the big things as well.
3. Rely on God’s strength
4. Fight self-indulgence- we have to take care of our physical selves because it is God’s gift.
5. Eliminate laziness and idleness– JUST DO IT!!!!
6. Begin at home- eventually you’ll notice you’re natural
7. Be faithful in all things.

These steps or tips are very much needed in my life. I am now in the last leg of my college life. Papers and requirements keep pouring in and I have to submit within the month. I confess that I have been procrastinating thus the requirements pile up. I’ve always convinced myself that I work best under pressure. It might be true in some ways but I know I could’ve given more of my best if I had done some in advance. Now it’s a challenge for me to actually start. I have a lot to finish in my hands and so this is a start. I choose to… JUST DO IT!


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