Paint the Town Green: The Script in Manila 2015


Last April 17, 2015 I was able to watch one of my favorite bands. The Script is an Irish band and they make the best songs. I would say they are one of the bands that really get to me. The lyrics to their songs, the context, etc. I told my friends that I might just tear up in one of their songs. I was with my monkeys, Chin and Chel and Chel ‘ sister, Michelle.


Upon entering the Arena, we had to line up but it didn’t take us that long. We ordered drinks and found our seats. The opening act was a Filipino band named the Silent Sanctuary. I wasn’t that familiar with their songs but I recognized one during its chorus. We waited patiently for the concert itself.

The opening number was the bomb! The song was Paint The Town Green. They entered from the sides with people waving green flags.


We told ourselves, we should’ve volunteered to be one of the flash bearers. Haha! Fast forward >>

One of the songs I love most is If You Could See Me Now. The set during this song was amazing.


One of the highlights of the show was when they sang Nothing. That’s when I lost it. I cried even before they hit the chorus. The band did something they do before during their shows. He told us to bring our our phones and call our exes. I was ready to do that, even jokingly about to throw my phone to the stage hahaha. But he took one of the phones from the crowd with the owner’s ex on the line. He told the person to listen to the whole song. I was suprised because the person didn’t drop the call. At the end of the song he said “Bye asshole”. Yeah baby!

They switched stages and was closer to us.


I was expecting myself to cry during For The First Time. But I held it in. I still think it’s one of the songs that pierce my heart.


The experience was the best. I am glad I spent my birthday money on this one. I’m still up for another concert this coming week! I’ll post soon!


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