Goals and my late morning breakfast


For some particularly weird reason, I couldn’t sleep last night. I think it was around 2 am and some alphabetical enumeration of the books I have read by the time I was able to put myself to sleep. I remember being hungry and wishing it was already morning so that I could eat and drink my coffee. It turned out, I was more tired than I thought. I woke up at around 6 30 am and slept again until 9 am. I was wondering why I felt dizzy and then I remembered I haven’t eaten yet. While waiting for my coffee to brew, I read my book for devotion– my daily dose of inspiration and reminders. Today’s reminder was to set goals, Short term or long term goals. As a Christian,  my short term goal right now would be to spend more time with Jesus in the morning. I believe that when you start the day right and most especially with Jesus, everything will fall into place. My long term goal would be…to win a soul and bring him/her closer to God! I know it sounds easy but it takes faith and wisdom to do so. The same goes with our daily activities. If you are into sports like me, eating healthy everyday would be a short term goal. Winning with your team would be one too. I have read a line once that goes like this, “you are not truly living if you do not set goals”. Let this be a reminder for us today and in every day! Have and good day!


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