Self worth and God’s love

We often base our self-worth nowadays on what others think about us, how we look in the mirror, the clothes we wear or the events we go to. We often think we have to please everybody we encounter for think hem to like us. I am guilty of this. I used to think that if I look a certain way people will like me better. I thought I was accepted if my photos get a lot of likes or comments. The same goes with being an athlete. I used think if I did more workouts people will see me more as fit and inspirational. Until I realized none of this matters. Sure we can say that we sometimes ought not to disregard what others but in the end the only one we really have to please is God. And I’m not talking about major life decisions or drastic change of life. I’m talking about living just as He wants us to. Now, unlike what our friends or society ask of us, God accepts us for who we are. Whatever we wear, however we look or whatever we have not attained in life, God is always there to love, forgive and accept us. That is what’s comforting about this life despite all the standards we have to live by. We are given the assurance that there is someone who will never leave us if we ever don’t meet these. This is something we can be sure of and something to ask ourselves with.


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