Hannah and Meniah

Inay, Nay, Nanay, Ma, Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mum, Mother, etc. Whatever term of endearment we call our mothers, our mother’s role in our life will forever only be theirs. Mother’s day might be one full day of pampering, appreciating or treating our mothers out. But everyday should be just the same. See, not everyone could be mothers, and yet they chose to be one. They are irreplaceable and we owe it all to them for giving us life. If not for them we wouldn’t be with our friends or studying or travelling or having fun. They are our heroes.

My mom is my role model. Someday I want to be like her, from being an all-around mom to being an expert when it comes to directions and being an amazing cook and accountantย etc. She also embodies a woman of faith. I bet it was a challenge at first to be married to a pastor and have all the other ladies looking up to you, but she was able to manage it and now she leads other women too and gives her own lectures and classes. I am very proud of her. My mom is very intelligent and talented. Someday, I’ll be like her.

To all the mothers out there especially to my mom, I salute you for all the sacrifices you have gone through for us. You bring blessings into our lives, and you are also one of those. We thank God for you and may you continue to be our rock in this hard life. You are the best!


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