The Future: Change is on the way!

I have not been able to blog the last few days because it was crazy hectic for me. Trainings took place later than the usual and so when I came home I took a bath and slept. But this week will be lighter, so I hope I can do this consistently.

Today’s devotion is very timely. Just last night, I was able to hear from the scholarships office of my university. They replied to my letter saying, that I have to start looking for a job. So last night I started looking for schools with my mom online. I got excited and nervous at the same time and went to sleep hoping for the best.

With my coffee and caramel cake from Becky’s Kitchen, a local bakeshop that makes the best brownies, lemon squares and cakes, I read today’s devotion. I was struck with the quotation used. It goes like this…

“If we are afraid of the future, afraid of change, then we will miss out on what God has called us to do.” –Congressman Jim Ryun

I found myself in the right position to say that it actually applies to me. Looking for a job is one step into making decisions in my life. It is also one step closer to a major change in  my life. We might be thinking this right now is where we would be in best, but the future is waiting. If you come to think of it, the future is pretty exciting although sometimes it might sound scary. But join me in saying that, the future is in God’s hands. I am excited in what he has in store for me. All the possibilities is too much for me to think about. We can take this as an opportunity of faith and trust. Today, I lift up to God whatever it is that can happen in my future. I know He knows best for me and I know it is THE best for me. All the saying about change is true, that change is inevitable and change is the only constant thing in this world, etc. Change will somehow take place no matter what. With God, change will always be there. I am not afraid of change even if I’d rather be in this moment where I am comfortable and familiar. The future is more interesting, anyway.


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