An Important Reminder to All Athletes

Tuesday syndrome: First training of the week after the weekend (weekend hangover)

Boat training today took out the syndrome from us. We were all pumped up for the race in Palawan. Even if we had to do last-minute decisions about the line-up and injuries couldn’t be avoided, one could really see the fire burning in our eyes. We want the GOLD.

There is some kind of pressure and a tittle to uphold ever since we placed second in Pagsanjan last March. We were side by side with the Marines, one of the elites in the sport. At first, we couldn’t believe it but with the help of our coach and our program we got there.

This upcoming race is a different story. All categories are small boat or 10-seater. I, myself, didn’t see it coming especially now that our pacer for the women’s team injured her shoulder. I was put in her place so I have to step up. It was a last-minute decision but nothing we can’t adjust to. I admire our pacer for the women’s team from the bow side. She hurt her shoulder and goes to the PT but she still trains with us. She didn’t let us down when she could easily just call if off and rest. It takes dedication and love for the team and the sport to do that kind of sacrifice.

My devotion today is a reminder for me, and for all athletes out there. When we compete, who do we intend to please? Is it our team? our country? our coaches? our family? the crowd? for the money? If we go down this direction, our motivation might be in the wrong. A line from the book struck me again, it goes:

“Instead of racing to beat a competitor, winning the applause of the crowd/ pleasing my coaches, my performance was now for an audience of one– God.” -LaVonna Martin-Floreal

She realized this after an issue came up and banned her to compete for two years, almost until the 1992 Olympics. See, we can do our best in every race or fight but God is still in-control of everything. He can do things we cannot do. He can easily will it that we lose or that we get disqualified. But if we lift up all our worries, our race-day jitters, our goals and be driven by his abundant grace, I believe we can do anything. Of course, we have to do our part and the rest God will handle. I will remind my teammates what I have learned today. It is important to know that there is God who let this all happen and will make it happen.


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