Makati Adventure and Employment Blues

I have been preparing myself for today since last night. I was planning on the best time to leave for Makati, where to go and what to eat. I even studied the way going to the place with my Google Maps so as not to get lost. It was a chance for me to be an INDEPENDENT WOMAN!


I left on time and got a taxi right away. The cab driver got me to the place in less than 20 minutes so I had more time to go around and find my way to a restaurant. Once I located the school, I started to look for the cafe I was planning to eat in. Unfortunately, I got a little lost and found myself in Senor Pollo, a Latin restaurant serving Roast Chicken. I have been there before with Katrina and we really loved their food. I don’t usually eat alone because I feel awkward, but now I enjoy being alone. Eating alone lets you appreciate what you’re eating and just take in the ambiance. The food was really good and I felt pumped up for the interview.

Senor Pollo Roast Chicken
Senor Pollo’s Quarter Roast Chicken with Potatoes, Coleslaw and Chimichurri

With half an hour remaining till my appointment, I took my time walking back to the school and familiarizing myself with the place. There are still a lot of restaurants to visit and cross out from my list so I took a mental note of these restaurants.

Waiting game
At the waiting area

I arrived early and was showed into the waiting area wherein the artworks of the children were displayed. I waited for a couple of minutes before I was given the application form to fill-up. At around 1:30, the head teacher came and interviewed me. I was hoping to get a part-time job but sadly, they were not offering such so it was a NO. I felt like I wasted their time but instead I thought of it as learning experience. I immediately called my mom and told her about the interview.

Since I wasn’t able to find the cafe beforehand, I decided to go there to reward myself for being brave and getting through the interview after. Finally! I found the cafe I was looking for and I had it all to myself. I ordered banana nice cream with chocolate chip cookie because… I just had to. I was surprised the serving was small, but I liked it anyway. I used to make nice cream before and I MISS it. I told the owner I learned about his restaurant in the Booky app and he said he wasn’t aware about it. He downloaded it, found it very cool and thanked me for mentioning it. I felt happy for helping a person today and for finding this happy place. The interior of the cafe was very refreshing to the eyes with the paintings on the walls and the colorful kitchen wares. They also sell organic products like tea, homemade remedies, etc. At around 3 I left and walked towards Century City Mall where there was a taxi stand. Coincidentally, my friend from CSB was going back to Taft as well with her friend so we rode the taxi together. We got to catch up and I learned about her summer workshop with young people which is very interesting actually.

Kismet (Destiny)
Kismet cafe interior
What to order?

ID picture 🙂

We got to Taft before 4, just in time for our (me and Chin’s) ID picture for the access pass. We shared about how our day went and just like always, we found some things funny about it and laughed. The picture-taking took less than a minute and off we went to get our “celebratory drinks” in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I tried their new drink, Creme Brulee and got a free upsize while Chin got Mango blended juice. We shared about our expectations and our new goal: BLOGGING. Check out her blog here:

celebratory drinks
“celebratory” drinks from CBTL (Photo from @_chinfrancisco)

Today’s experience taught me a lot and I feel for all the blessings I have received. THANK YOU LORD!


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