Errands and The Clean Plate

May 22, 2015

I set my alarm the night before but just as always, I slept through it. I woke up late and upon my brother’s message. My parents wanted me home right away so I pushed myself out of bed and got ready.

Serendipity. Last night, I came from a celebration with my teammates. I remember two of the boys saying they were set to leave early, so I was surprised to see them in the train station in the late morning. We decided to ride the train together. They got off three stations before mine (which was the last stop) and left me alone. I had a relatively fun time on the way home because I got to take out and use my Ipod once again and just contemplate on…life. Haha!

My dad picked me up and finally, I am home again after a month. It was the best feeling ever, most especially because there was food waiting for me. I missed my mom’s cooking so I overate…a little hahaha.

We were scheduled to do a lot of errands that afternoon. Here’s a run down:

1. Get a Student’s Permit (LTO)

2. Register to Vote/ Get a Voter’s ID

3. Bring books to UP

Registered Voters!

Out of the three, we were only able to do the second one. We didn’t make it to the cut-off time for the student’s permit and my parents got a little lazy to bring the books to UP. But just as promised my parents brought us to The Clean Plate.

The Clean Plate

I have been bugging my parents to take us there because they have dined there for a couple of times already. They said it was good and I would like it and true enough, I DID! I am a sucker for anything healthy and organic, something I swore to live by.

The interior of the resto was something new. They have “healthy” quotations on the glass, they sell organic and healthy food products, and also a variety kitchen wares etc. A real promotion of getting to experience “REAL FOOD”.

The Clean Plate
The Clean Plate in UP Town Center

When I try new restos, I always ask for their bestsellers, for this one I got their Callos. My dad ordered his usual, Roast Chicken. Mama got Twist Famous Filipino Style Tulingan (a kind of fish) and my brother ordered Al Negra Pasta (with baby squid). I think it took only around 20 minutes for us to finish everything, it’s a sign of real food goodness. We left happy, satisfied and ready to come back again 🙂

Callos from the Clean Plate
Callos: Grass-fed Ox Tripe + Free-Range Pork Hocks + Organic Chick Peas + Tomato Pepper Sauce
Roast Chicken from The Clean Plate
Roast Chicken: Free-Range Chicken + Tamarind + Grape Tomatoes + Garlic + Butter

After dinner, we usually opt to look for a desserts’ place or a coffee shop. We were hoping to try Rita’s but there were a lot of people so I brought them to Mad Mark’s. Luckily, my family enjoyed their ice cream. Mad Mark’s never fail to impress me.

Mad Mark's Ice Cream
Mad Mark’s Ice Cream

It was raining in Katipunan when we left for Marikina. In Marikina, there’s also a number of new restaurants to try but tonight we were in for a treat– a much-needed spa night. We always do this whenever we are complete as a family here in Antipolo. Marikina Garden Spa is one of my parents’ favorite spa gardens. Not only do they offer quality service but their rates or prices are reasonable too! We availed two couple rooms, one for the ladies and one for the boys. It took around two hours and when we got out it was already around 11 pm.

At the Marikina Garden Spa
Here is my brother…trying to get two spiders to fight

This day was one my those “deeply contented and happy” days. Every time I get to be with my family, it’s always a good time. I am really excited to treat them out when I get to earn money, it’s time I give back!


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