Up In the Mountains

Monte Cafe

It makes me really proud whenever I hear about a business owned by an old schoolmate or a batchmate. The last time I was in a schoolmate’s business venture was during April Fool’s day in Blake’s, read more about it in my previous post here https://thisluckymonkey.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/april-fools-day/.

Last night May 23, 2015, I was able to bring my family in Monte Cafe, a business owned by my schoolmate from high school. She is two batches higher than me and I have been hearing about this cafe for months. A couple of her batchmates helped decorate the place, the interiors and artworks . One could really see how much effort and thought was put in beautifying the place. Simple but unique. Proud Assumptionist right here!

Monte Cafe
Monte Cafe
Charlie Brown Mocha Coffee
Charlie Brown Mocha Coffee and Cupcake

I ordered their bestseller signature coffee, Charlie Brown Mocha Coffee, and a banana cupcake. My parents got decaf and a slice of cake while my brother ordered their Monte Clubhouse sandwich and bottled juice. We enjoyed our food and talked about our plans for the coming week. The coffee diagram on the wall was what really drew us in, my mom and I.

Coffee Mural
Coffee Mural at Monte Cafe

A number of people were there too when we dined in the cafe. The servers were very polite and kind, their service was fast. All in all, it was a very good experience! I recommend you try their stuff out when you go to the mountains of Antipolo. 🙂

Monte Cafe
Monte Cafe


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