When You Have So Much Love to Give

Have you ever felt like exploding from so much of something? It might have been from too much eating or so much pain. But for me it involves yes, love.

I’ve been in love before and every once in a while I think I am. However, I’ve been through heartache as well. I know how it feels like to lose someone you love because of different priorities. I know how it feels like having no control of what’s happening. I know that aching feeling of missing someone but not being able to see them.

I have loved and lost. I may still have love for that person but I have learned to live with it and without them. Unlike before, the part of my heart solely for that person, is now empty. There is no one to love aside from friends and family because, of course, that is a given. I know some may feel the same way after a break-up. Along with it comes the amount of free time you have for yourself or the unexpected ability to save money now that there is no one to spend it on. Right?

What do you do with the love you have? Do you throw it away and live on? Do you look for someone to love and possibly just break your and their heart because you are still not ready? What do you do? What do I do?

It has been only a few days since I have completely convinced myself on what to do. I have spent months trying to figure out and telling myself I could do it. And then finally I realized it. It was an opportunity for me to know myself better and be a better person. The love I could give could be turned into something new, like a new hobby. In my case, this, blogging. The love I have could be directed more to the people I love. I could find more ways to express my appreciation and gratitude for their presence. And finally, the love I have could be kept for myself because I may have given so much to the person I loved before and must have forgotten about myself. This could be the time to finally show me some love. After all, I should be learning to love myself more because it starts from within. When the time comes, when I have truly accepted who I really am, the person meant for me will come and share the love I have for myself. So if you think you can’t keep that love inside anymore, think about the different ways and all the people you can direct it into. It is time to embrace being full of it because not everyone are comfortable expressing their love. Don’t be afraid! Just do it. 🙂


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