Officially an Affiliate!

What an eventful day for me today and for my partner Chin. I can’t stress how grateful I am for the past weeks. Truly God works in my life.

Afternoon Adventure
Afternoon adventure

My day started pretty well, from my breakfast with my girls to an afternoon with Chin. We decided to go to school together to work on getting our TIN number. She came around lunch time and I invited her to come with me to have lunch. We ate in the nearby cafe and planned our afternoon ahead.

It was scorching hot– the kind of heat that seeps through your clothes. Chin and I were talking about being strangers in our own school. Apparently, we weren’t allowed inside anymore unless we get a visitor’s pass. It was such a hassle. Nevertheless, all the irritation was gone once we entered our alma mater once again. We were instructed to print a form and have three copies each. We went out to print and went back inside to fill it up only to find out that we printed the wrong form. We had to do it all over again but now, we couldn’t connect to the internet and download the form. It was the wrong time to go in and out of school and walk back and forth because of the heat. Hearing the news now, today is reportedly one of the hottest days in Metro Manila. Well, that’s why. Chin had a brilliant idea to go to the OBB office to print, because there it was guaranteed they have connection plus it was free!

Finally got ’em!

It was around 4 pm that time and the office in Henry was now open for claiming of IDs or access pass. We were so happy we were able to get our access pass/ IDs! We can go in and out of school without a hassle and we were no longer students but affiliates. There are a lot of perks that come with the pass, no need to scan our IDs, we can go to school any time we want and we can use the faculty elevator! Hahaha! But of course these are just the little things, real things come with the access pass too. Working in DLSU and teaching are just some of it. We were so giddy, we were jumping because of happiness. This day just got better when we received our IDs and on our way to Andrew we saw our other monkey, 1/3 of our trio! We finally saw CHEL! After a month of being apart, we were reunited. We missed our trio so much we couldn’t stop hugging and laughing and smiling, etc.

Lucky monkeys reunite!
Lucky monkeys reunite! (c) Chel

We headed to Andrew, to our HQ. We were so proud of our IDs, even the friendly guards noticed them and jokingly told us to celebrate with them. I love it when you get to openly share your happiness with other people and they acknowledge you and smile back. Thankful to have more time to see and interact with DLSU’s kind staff. When we got to the office, one of our bosses was there together with our co-program assistants. Everyone planned the coming days and they also helped us with filling-up our forms. Finally! We have our forms ready for photocopying, but when we got to the photocopying station, it was already closed along with the other stations. Even the office we were submitting it to! But it’s okay, we still have time on Thursday! More adventures to come!

So much exciting things to come and be thankful about. 🙂


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