Spam & eggs and the X-factor

I’m now back in Taft and training from a weekend full of home-cooked meals and family bonding. This morning was our first training day after our Palawan race. Everyone was excited to see each other because I heard sharing of stories here and there. We all had separation anxiety or “sepanx” as we fondly it call these days when we parted ways in the airport but now, we’re back together. Training was light with a little bursts of power here and there. The boat was a little shaky because it was unusually wavy in the bay today so we had a hard time rowing out in the open water. It was a good post race training, we just need to keep improving and avoid starting with the basics.

I had some leftover spam and eggs and was thinking of cooking it for myself. But then I thought it would be fun to invite friends over so I asked them to bring more food. We now had spam, eggs and corned beef to cook and Chuckie chocolate milk and coffee for drinks. It’s always a good time whenever I’m with them especially now because we were cooking again and we found it very entertaining. After a couple of minutes of preparing our food, we sat down on the table, said grace and started. It was a good meal and what made it special was our conversation afterwards. We couldn’t help but laugh about our adventures in palawan and what we did that we aren’t really proud of. What a great way to start the day!

My devotion today was all about courage– something we need everyday and in this case, what athletes need to achieve their goals.

“Courage is the first of all human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” -Winston Churchill

Having courage to face your fears and defeat your opponents is never easy. One should have the guts to tell oneself to suck it up and just do it.

According to an Olympic coach named Eddie Reese there are three things that make a great athlete.
First is genetics. One is just naturally just made for the sport. As he said often, “You don’t pick the sport; the sport picks you.” You are lucky if you can use your defining characteristic to your advantage. Second is work ethic. It involves focus and hard work. Third is what he called “X-factor”. It is the ability to thrive under pressure and get the job done. It is having the HEART OF A CHAMPION. Even if one cannot do much with genetics, one can develop this X-factor, having the heart to win! (Adapted from the book entitled The Goal and the Glory.

May this be a reminder to all, in our daily lives even those who are not athletes.


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