The Crying Tiger and Crepe Amelie

Spontaneous trips are always the best. Today another food trip took place.

Coming from my seminar in Cavite, I didn’t know I was in for another adventure with my girls. I rested while we were waiting for Nicole to finish her class. We met up at around 5 pm…actually it was almost 6 and hailed a cab. The driver was easy to speak to and very accommodating. He brought us there in a span of 10-15 minutes. The sun was just about to go down when we got to A. Venue Mall. Our plan was to eat in The Crying Tiger on Guanzon St. first then have desserts in Crepe Amelie. Guanzon St. was just across the mall so it wasn’t that hard for us to find the Crying Tiger.

The Crying Tiger

A true hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant because it really is in the middle of an unexpected neighborhood. From the makers of our favorites El Chupacabra (Mexican) and Senor Pollo (Latin American), the Crying Tiger is an Asian Street Kitchen. A sense of familiarity came over us as we stepped inside the place. The atmosphere was somehow the same as the other two restaurants. The makers did a good job with establishing a unique ambiance for each of their restos but at the same time give off the same chill vibe.

The Crying Tiger
The Crying Tiger

I ordered their Thai Basil Chicken, Celeen got their winner Pad Thai and Nicole got the Thai Pork Omelette. I wasn’t expecting my plate to be spicy, but it man I was wrong. It was hot hot hot. Literally every bite I took there were chopped red chili peppers alongside the chicken. Celeen’s pad thai was okay and Nicole’s omelette was tasty as well. We had a good time a new friend as well. One of the female servers there was just so friendly and jolly. She asked to take our picture, even instructed us on what to do, she joked around with us and playfully refused to get our bill until we finished our food. Soon, a number of people arrived the place was busy. We then headed for desserts…

b1 and b2
Celeen and Nicole

Crepe Amelie

Crepe Amelie
Crepe Amelie

I have been planning to go here since I read about it in booky so when Celeen and Nicole suggested to go here, I didn’t hesitate to go. When we entered, a whole table looked at us like we were interrupting something. We weren’t but they were waiting for some of their friends. One girl looked familiar, but anyway. We had to sit outside because that group occupied a lot of tables and chairs. It was okay though, no big deal. We ordered for the Top Three bestsellers in their crepe/cake selection (because they looked like cakes– stacked crepes). We had Dulce De Leche, Mango and Strawberry. A little of everything is what we always do. After taking pictures and angling we tasted our purchase. Each took a bite from their cakes then we rotated and tasted the others. I liked everything but I liked mine the most, the Dulce de Leche. I wasn’t too sweet and the flavor just stands out because it was light and perfect with the layers of crepe. The mango and strawberry were good too, the fruit chunks looked fresh as well. Nicole wanted more but settled for just one slice. Everyone felt full and satisfied so we walked towards the “Night market” across the street. On the way home, we feared for our lives because the taxi driver drove recklessly and was coughing so bad. Once we got to Taft we felt sick and at the same time happy we were safe.

Bon Apetitas
Bon Apetitas

Oh what a day! What a day full of adventures. I’m ready for the next one!


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