Time Management and Newbie Nerves

Another challenge has come my way. Today it was being a speaker to the teachers of First Books Learning Center.

My aunt, also the Principal of the school, asked me to conduct a seminar in one of their workshops. I agreed but deep inside I had to repeatedly convince myself. I was hesitant at first because I found my first topic hard to explain. Luckily, my aunt changed the topic and I was given Time Management. Good thing I remembered about the module we conducted in a hospital before with nurses and doctors for one of our major requirements. There was already a material to be taught so I just modified and edited it a bit to fit the context.

My presentation

Time flew so fast and the next thing I knew I was being introduced by my aunt. Her introduction was very touching especially when she recounted her memories of me when I was still a little girl. I liked it when she said I was the pride of the family since I am the first grandchild not to mention the first graduate. That line empowered me and soon I felt the nerves going away.

1st group
First group to present 🙂
Second group to present!
Second group to present! 🙂

I started with an exciting activity, something I knew the teachers will do a great job in. I divided them into three groups and instructed them to act out the story of the Three Little Pigs. After less than half an hour, they came back armed with their own props and versions of the story. The first group to present was purely acting and none of them were laughing. The second made use of props and had an alternate ending. The third and the last group also made use of props and was the most entertaining. My little cousin enjoyed watching and was the judge. She whispered in my ear and chose the first group. Her explanation was, they were serious and none of them were laughing. She found it very professional.

After a few process questions, I started with the lecture in Time Perspectives. With their cooperation and participation, I saw that in the activity, they were able to apply what they have just learned. In the next activity, i gave them situations to resolve based on the their time perspectives. After two situations, we had our lunch break.

After lunch dance
After lunch dance :))

So far so good! I ate a lot too! At 1 pm, we resumed our session and it was the practical part of the lecture. I gave them tips on how to manage their time. It gave me an assurance that I was doing a good job when they nodded as I emphasized points. As promised, I gave their handouts and pieces of paper to close the lecture. In the pieces of paper, I asked them to write 1 word to describe what they have just learned. It was fulfilling to hear the words they wrote was connected to what I just delivered.

With the FBLC teachers
With the FBLC teachers

After closing my lecture, I was given my first Certificate of  Appreciation! We had a group picture too! I was so happy and fulfilled deep inside. My last words to them were, ” As teachers, we are a team. We should work together. We should work towards giving the children quality education.” And I know we will!

First Certificate of Appreciation!
First Certificate of Appreciation!

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