An Afternoon in the Past

I spent my afternoon looking back and appreciating art with Chin. Our long-awaited museum trip finally pushed through! We found all about this museum in a link and was highly recommended. Since it was near school, we thought it would be great to go.

The museum is only open in the morning and in the late afternoon. We finished early doing our errands so we hung out in a nearby mall first to pass the time. We went around and looked for an ice cream place and we did! I got Vanilla and Blueberry gelato while Chin got Bubblegum and Chocolate Toffee.

ice cream!
Gelato date with Christelle

After finishing our ice cream cups and having a couple of things to talk about, we started to walk towards the direction of the museum. As we walked in, we were greeted by a big microscopic picture of the bacteria cholera. The place was white and pristine (something I like most when it comes to museums), and we had it all to ourselves…at least for a while. The exhibit was very interesting and there it was explained how Philippine General Hospital came to be. The guide explained to us that because of the epidemic Cholera, the Americans started putting up institutions to fight it. The museum is relatively new which is why we saw a couple of areas still under construction. Nevertheless, it was a very informational tour and I will definitely bring my family and friends there next time.


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