Gym and the food trip thereafter

As usual we have our gym trainings on Fridays, but today is the first gym session after our win in Palawan.

After cleaning up and napping for a bit, we headed towards the Marines camp to meet our coach. We were all hoping his program for today will be light and fun. It turns out, we were in for another different gym program– we have never done a program twice, every session is different so far. For today, the girls’ program is different from that of the boys’. Coach said we have to start focusing on our power since we already improved on our endurance. “Less endurance, more power” best describes today’s gym training.

The girls’ best friend for today was the (dreaded) TRX. The TRX let us carry our own weight which is what we do when we paddle, which makes it the perfect gym equipment. The boys on the other hand had heavier weights but less reps, they didn’t use the TRX though. We ended the session with a bit of limbering and of course the cool down.

Andres Bonifacio
Andres Bonifacio

Celeen and I were craving for Jamba Juice so we went to The Fort with Sofie, Camille and Jonathan too to our get our Jamba fix. After our gym session, we thought it would be great to recharge ourselves with a boosted fruit shake, and that’s what we got!


Walking to where were planning to have our lunch, we saw a lot of street art. One was still underway but you could see that it was clearly an astronaut. Props to the people behind the art works!

Lunch at O'Rice
Lunch at O’Rice

Originally, we were going to get burgers in Tipple & Slaw but when we arrived, there were a lot of people ordering the same thing waiting. We went around and decided to go Korean. We ate in O’Rice and were satisfied with our food but were a little taken aback with the temperature inside the restaurant. It was lunch break during that time and a lot of people were inside with us. With only two air conditioners working, the place was like an oven taster (kidding aside). We had to use the resto’s menus to fan ourselves because we were literally sweating. But as we ate, more and more people left and the heat subsided. Thank GOD! We got ice cream and sundaes in McDonald’s and walked to where the van was.

Chicken Cutlet Rice
Chicken Cutlet Rice

A day full of unexpected twists and yet I had a good time!


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