Saturday Weekend Market


All because of a brand of milk being sold here and was featured on T.V., my aunt and I decided to go food shopping in Salcedo Weekend Market in Salcedo Village, Makati.

I have been here before with Celeen and Nicole and I still remember everything we tried and ate. Going early in this place paid off because we got to walk around without that much people yet. I must say, we bought quite a lot. My aunt and I got excited when we spotted the stall that sells the brand of milk we wanted. We bought 1 liter of whole milk, 1 liter low fat chocolate milk and 4 small bottles of their yogurt milk. I must say, their yogurt milk is delicious! I can’t wait to get a taste off of everything!


I also spotted the kale chips I’ve been dying to try. Take Root sells flavored kale chips, granola and other healthy snacks. I first heard about this from Chel and was convinced to try it. I have yet to eat these chips when I get hungry later. Let’s see…

Kale Chips
Kale Chips

Since we were already here, we decided to buy our food for lunch and breakfast. I bought Fresh Lumpia for lunch while my aunt bought several sticks of barbecued atay (chicken liver), a pack of longganisa, Pandan cakes, cassava cakes, etc. For breakfast, I bought Beef Salpicao with garlic rice. Again, I have never tasted good Salpicao aside from my mother’s own cooking.

Best breakfast for this week!
Best breakfast for this week!

Hopefully, my aunt will agree to making this a weekly thing. It is good to have time off from work from time to time, right?


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