Granola and Seeking God

When we look into the lives of the people we admire, we often ask ourselves how they do it? How do they make time for themselves and at the same time maintain relationships with a lot people? How do they make time to exercise when they work as hard as ants? How can she balance being so effortlessly beautiful when she’s got a ton of work to do?

We often think these people are lucky. They are lucky enough to be all those things and the universe conspired to this. But we are wrong, just like us, they are human beings susceptible to stress and giving up. The only difference they may have is they seek God’s help all the time. It’s not all good times, we must have to go through trials to be able to appreciate how far we’ve gone and most especially, God’s abundant grace. May we seek God’s help today! šŸ™‚

It may have been a month since I last ate granola. Today, I finally get to eat a bowl of granola + yogurt + banana + raisins + chocnut šŸ˜€ Heehee I really think breakfast or preparing food is an art and so I take my time preparing my food and of course, savoring each bite as I eat. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast!


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