Mother Bee Granola and Temptation

This day’s devotion is true and evident in my life. Overcoming temptations is not easy for us Christians. We face an everyday struggle of choosing to do what is right. I am surrounded by a lot of temptations in school, at work and with my team. When I am caught in situations where I face these, I ask help from God and talk to my inner self to do what is right. It is hardย but what makes it easy is knowing that God is always there to guide us. So when we face temptations, be confident that God will help you overcome it.

I was surprised yesterday by a man delivering a package. When I received it, it read Mother Bee Banana Walnut Granola (check their facebook page here). It was then that I realized it was Chel who sent and paid for this. I was so happy because of course, it was granola, but also because it made my day. I sent Chel a picture of me holding it and endlessly thanked her for a random gift. Now, I am eating it for breakfast and I’m already in love with it. Here’s to happy days ahead!


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