Hatch 22 Cafe and Bakery

I have been waiting and wanting to go out with my family all week and finally the time has come! We went to church together like we always do in Union Church of Manila and went around Legaspi Village hoping to find a place to eat. We first went to One Way restaurant in Benavides St. but it was closed on Sundays. My mom suggested Croque Cafe but the place was also closed for an event. It was then that we decided to eat in a place I’ve been meaning to go to. Rockwell Powerplant Mall is not far from where we are so we there instead.

Hatch 22
Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery (spot my aunt)

Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery served Breakfast and international food aside from coffee, bread and pastries. The place wasn’t that crowded when we arrived so we easily got a table. All of us ordered different entrees. I ordered one of their bestseller brunch specials, the N.Y.O.B. (Not Your Ordinary Benedict) while my brother ordered their Salmon Benedict.

Hatch 22- NYOB
N.Y.O.B.- Fresh baked rustic muffins, wild mushrooms, sous vide eggs, homemade bacon, sauteed spinach, torched citrus hollandaise

My mom ordered their Mediterranean Sampler.

Mediterranean Sampler
Mediterranean Sampler

My uncle ordered Fish and chips.

Fish and Chips
Fried Maya maya fish, buttered peas, sweet potato chips, malt honey vinegar and rustic tartar

I wasn’t able to take a picture of my brother’s and dad’s orders but I know they were equally appetizing as ours. Here is my aunt’s order:

Lechon Belly Bowl
Lechon Belly Bowl

Oh what a good way, to start the week. The overall dining experience was good, the service was fast, prices were reasonable and of course, the food met our expectations! Guys, out there you should try it out! You are missing out. πŸ™‚


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