Morning Dose and Unanswered Prayers

I often ask God when I can have this and that. When it comes to waiting for a long time, I just resort to praying harder and asking Him to say YES. I only realize sometimes that maybe YES is not the answer to my prayers, sometimes it could be a NO or NOT YET. God does not leave a prayer unanswered, it may just be one of the three mentioned above ^^. Ever since I got my heart broken, I ask about what to do with the love I have (I wrote about it here). I prayed to God that He would bring someone in my life to somehow help me put it back together, someone I can love again. After months of being with my family and friends and knowing myself again, I realized I’m not ready yet. I trust God that someday He will give me that person who I can share my love with. It may not be now, but I know in his perfect timing and will that day will come. See, we may not see the importance of patience and trusting in the Lord now, but when we get to that point where He allows these things to happen, we will be thankful we patiently waited. It will be better, maybe even the best things will come. Wait and trust in the Lord.

Training today took my breath away (literally). After quickdrives with inserts, 100 strokes and 1 race course with a tire attached to the boat, I couldn’t breathe properly. I guess it’s because of the #tuesdaysyndrome we all experience. Also, I think for a matter of 10 mins or so, I heard myself breathe. I did some research and apparently, I’m not the only one in this. I am experiencing a physical disorder where the Eustachian tube in the ear is open when it should be closed. I only experience this when I’m working out so I guess it’s not that serious. Staying hydrated I think would be the best cure for this one. Thanks to Erin, her symptoms were the same as mine and now I know what to do. Check all about it here. Stay healthy everyone and have a good day!


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