Running out of milk and Compromises

Compromises. More often than not, we engage ourselves in compromises. Sometimes, it comes naturally. We choose an option that would benefit both sides or both people or both situations. We just can’t get enough of both things that we opt to choose to make a compromise. My devotion today, talks about our wanting to please both Jesus and our worldly desires. It says here that being a Christian is mainly about NO COMPROMISES, as simple as that. YOU TAKE UP YOUR CROSS and FOLLOW JESUS. The path is never easy, but when we do, it will happiness beyond compare. πŸ™‚

I woke up to the sound of granola pouring into a bowl– that was my brother preparing himself some breakfast. I looked to see if he has gotten some of my Mother Bee granola but from the sound of it, I think he ate his own. As always, I feel excited for my breakfast. Whatever it may be + coffee, it makes me giddy. But when I opened the fridge…THE MILK CARTON WAS GONE… We’ve run out of milk. For a moment, my heart dropped. I let it stay there for a while before picking it up and deciding to eat my granola raw or as it is. we still hadΒ orange juice but…of course that wouldn’t be good with granola so I just settled for a bowl of half-cup granola and a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, I was able to finish the bowl of granola under 5 mins, still as delicious! Now, excuse me for I shall reflect upon my life. Have a good day! πŸ˜€


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