A Day in 6 Schools

Today was our first official work day. Chin and I were very excited to finally visit the schools and get introduced to the OBB coordinators. We were also hoping to give out the school supplies for the kids but the supplier was still unable to deliver them. But still, the day was a productive one. Here’s what happened…

Van ride with the team!
Van ride with the team!

We were scheduled to meet at 8:30 am in Andrew and leave. Chin and I were very surprised to see a Hi-Ace van parked outside the building. We weren’t expecting a very big van, in fact we thought it would be a jeepney hahaha. Anyway, the ride was comfortable and we were able to sprawl out and have our own spaces. Chin and I were with our other OBB facilitator, Ate Alain and one of our bosses, Ms. Myra.

1st Stop: Manuel Roxas High School (my school)

After going up 3 floors, we were received in the Principal’s office and the principal gladly accepted us and entertained us while waiting for the coordinator. It was a good conversation until the coordinator arrived. She was a very jolly person with a looot of stories. Our estimated 15 minutes for this school became 30 mins to an hour, I guess. But I was able to arrange my schedule with them.

2nd stop: Manila Science High School (my school)

Once again, we were received in the Principal’s office, whom our boss knew ever since OBB started. Sadly, she was assigned to another school and today was her last day. She was kind enough to call the coordinator through the phone even though she had work to do. In the end, we weren’t able to meet the coordinator. We were late for the next school so we left.

3rd stop: Cayetano Arellano High School (my school)

Going here required us to use Chin’s Waze app. It was in the heart of Recto, kind of a sketchy place. But we were lucky enough to find the coordinator in her office/ desk and introduce ourselves to her. My schedule with them is still tentative so I don’t have a definite time and day just yet. We left minutes after.

4th stop: Chowking (LUNCHTIME)

Our boss said,’yung unang makikitang restaurant na may okay na parking lot dun na tayo kakain’ (when we see the first restaurant with a proper parking lot, that’s where we’re gonna eat). And indeed, we found a decent looking one in Mendiola. We ate in Chowking and was able to use the washroom. Chin and I were able to finish our rice bowls right away because I guess going up and down the stairs drained us. Our boss took her time to eat so we waited for her. It was a good lunch with our co-workers.

5th stop: Victorino Mapa High School (Chin’s school)

This is one of the most crowded high schools. We had to go back and forth to the old and new building to find the coordinator. When we found her, she was having lunch. We felt rude to interrupt her but she let us stay anyway. It was hot in her room and there was a total of 4 electric fans that were on (we counted it!).  Chin was able to set a schedule and after that we left. Time is gold!

6th stop: Ramon Magsaysay High School (Chin’s school)

By far, the biggest. They are also the top performing high school in their division. After going up 4 flights of stairs and going down, we were received once again in the Principal’s office. We waited until the coordinator came and we went up again (another 4 flights for a total of 8 levels…). Good thing the coordinator’s office was airconditioned! She offered us candy, matters were discussed and we left. 5 out of 6!

7th stop: Mandaluyong High School (Chin’s school)

The farthest and hardest to find if we didn’t use Waze. The school’s cleanliness and orderliness made up for it though. This was by far the quickest stop because the coordinator already knew what to do plus we were able to see the classroom provided for the OBB class, talk about efficiency! Whew! Can’t believe we finished all 6 schools today!


OBB room
OBB room

8th stop: De La Salle University- MANILA

Finally! We are back in familiar grounds!

The trip was fun including all the stories we shared, the songs we sang, getting a little lost and all the going up and down the stairs. Chin and I are very excited to start and to accompany each other for the first two weeks. Oh how interesting the coming weeks will be! Check out Chin’s informative entry here.


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