The Ostrich Farm

After a long and productive day, I think I deserve a night out. Celeen, Nicole and I planned to go out the night before in celebration for Best Friends Day. Today we decided to go to Blue Bay Walk in Pasay to try something new.

Delays and a lot of waiting after, we are all together and also with Celeen’s boyfriend Miggy! It is the first time we are going out with him. We surveyed the place and spotted the place we wanted to try out.

my dates for tonight
Celeen, Nicole and Miggy

The Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm
Ostrich Farm

It was funny because we were already seated and was in the process of choosing what to order when we realized we had to use the ATM machine. We asked to have our table reserved and went out once again. The machine was far away so it took us a while to come back. When we came back we ordered took pictures. The wait was exciting because we were about to eat ostrich meat, something you don’t see everyday. Celeen said the restaurant was owned by a local singer/host. When we asked the waitress, she confirmed and said it is because the singer owned an ostrich farm in the province.

Facts about the Ostrich
Get to know the Ostrich

Our orders came. For Miggy: The Big Bird burger (their bestseller). For Celeen: Ostrich Salpicao (bestseller). For me and Nicole: Bolognese Pasta with Ostrich meat.

Bolognese Pasta
My Bolognese Pasta with Ostrich meat

The ostrich meat is like beef but sweeter. We didn’t expect the food to be good. All in all, the food was great and we definitely recommend others to try it.

We all felt so full and decided to walk around. The good thing about the place is that it is not crowded and others can go and jog around the place. They offer a lot of stores and there still a lot to open. There are still a ton for us to try out and we are looking forward to visiting them all!


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