Government IDs and TGIF

Chin and I were scheduled to go to the office to pack the school supplies and go to Manila Science high school. Unfortunately, these two were cancelled so we were left to do our errands this afternoon.

The game plan was to apply for SS number, PIN and Pag-ibig. In Robinsons Place Manila they have a Lingkod Pinoy center which caters and offers these services. Ate Alain said there were only a few people when we went there but in our case, there were a lot. Good thing the place was cool and systematic. We were only able to get 2 out of the 3 but we still thought the process wasn’t that bad.

It was lunchtime when we finished so we decided to reward ourselves and eat in T.G.I. Friday’s. We had a hard time choosing what to eat but

we ended up getting Tex Mex Mac n’ Cheese for Chin and Spice Rub Roasted Chicken for me.

Spice Rub Roasted Chicken and Tex Mex Mac n' Cheese
Spice Rub Roasted Chicken and Tex Mex Mac n’ Cheese

When the orders came, we were surprised because the serving was big. It was designed for sharing. Nevertheless, we ate and ate. It was a good, hearty lunch! 🙂

We talked about having a day in a week to wind down once we get used to our schedules, I think a good night out for delicious food would do the trick! Excited for what is to come!


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