Packed Our Hearts Awaaaayyyy

Saturday is supposed to be rest day but not today, the school supplies were delivered and ready for packing. Our boss informed us that we were expected to report today. He thought that the sooner we finish packing, the sooner we would be able to deliver them to the schools. True though, so whether we liked it or not…we went to the office. I didn’t know I was up for a long and fulfilling day ahead.

I woke up early and got prepared just in time. I took my time to walk to school, taking in the view and the calm of the surroundings I usually experienced when I walked to class. Today, it was more peaceful because it was a Saturday and it is currently the summer term. When I arrived at the office, everybody was there and was ready to pack. We were to pack in this counseling lab on the ground floor of the building. It was a small room and now that the boxes of supplies were there, it became more crowded.

School supplies
Calm before the storm

Chin and I were already prepared to get to work but apparently, we had to wait for the people from the warehouse (that’s what Ms.Myra called them) to make an inventory of everything…take note.. EVERYTHING. We had to wait. FOR A LONG TIME. It felt like forever. It took them almost 2 hours to finish and they even asked more people to count with them. This just meant that we were in for an even longer day. Oh well. It was okay for us because it felt like a challenge so we didn’t complain. Not that I remember haha! Right Chin? (I know you’ll be reading this…she’ll be reading this)

Designated Colors
Designated colors for each school

We organized a sort of assembly line so that the packing would be systematic and fast. During the whole process, we were all able to switch places and try the different areas. Around 700 packs are needed and before lunch time we got about at a hundred or so. Kuya Boyet, one of the OBB facilitators, was expected to be home and meet his family so he volunteered to do more work as we left for lunch. We ate in a nearby restaurant and guess what? our lunch was free hihi! It was a Japanese resto, a place we’ve been going to ever since it opened. It is like an affordable version of Yabu: House of Katsu. It was a good lunch!

We got back at around 1 pm and resumed our work. Kuya Boyet was still there but not before long, he left us…drowned in boxes of school supplies. We had to help one another, unpack this and that and move this and that. It required strength and patience. Good thing Chin had a couple of songs with her to keep us sane in that small space.

Packing of school supplies
During the storm

The picture above was when I lost rock, paper, scissors to Chin. So I had to be the one standing and bending while she got to sit down. It felt okay though because I felt like I worked out. I had to lift heavy boxes and tie them up. I’m sure I’m gonna get a backache tomorrow when I wake up.

Ms. Myra called it a day around 3:30 pm. We started cleaning up and finishing whatever it is we could finish. As promised, we got Starbucks drinks after as a REWARD after a LONG and TIRING day. Packing school supplies for 700 people was not a joke and a couple more packs are waiting for us on Monday.

Reward c/o the boss

Ms. Myra and Ate Alain left us in Starbucks so we were left alone. Chin had to change for her date tonight so she asked for my help. We went upstairs and I helped her decide on what to wear. She didn’t know where her boyfriend would be taking her so I said, to be safe wear her black romper(ish). When she got out of the washroom, she was laughing so I couldn’t help but laugh. She asked me if she looked like a nun because it was a little conservative. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror so I took a picture of her. (I know she’ll get mad at me, hahaΒ sorry)

Chin showing off outfit 1

I told her it doesn’t look like her and she agreed so we chose outfit 2 instead. She wore a white off-shoulder top (I’m a sucker for off-shoulder tops so this was a definite yes), black jeggings and her heels (which are awesome by the way). As she went down to meet her boyfriend Robbie, I couldn’t help but feel happy and marvel at love. They’re so cute! Definitely one of my favorite couples! Stay strong you two! πŸ™‚ happy for my friend ❀


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