The Farm Organics

I have officially started my classes in Antipolo and today my family will be sleeping in Taft in preparation for tomorrow’s event (Recognition Rites).

I was able to take a nap and rest while waiting for my mom to finish her work. As soon as she came home, we prepared to go. My brother drove the car down to Manila. It was an achievement for him just like any other chance he gets to drive. Don’t worry we were able to make it to Taft in one piece.

We stopped over the Fort for some dinner. My brother was craving for some burger so we ended up trying out this new place in Burgos Circle. It is called the Farm Organics Resto.

The Farm Organics Resto


The place is small and almost all of the tables were occupied when we entered. The Farm Organics was founded years ago by a man named Tom Favis. The organic farm where their meat comes from is located in Masbate, a province in the South of Luzon.


The restaurant offers organic food and guarantees the customers that they use natural and chemical-free ingredients. In the menu, you have the option to order either a local, free-range version or the organic version of the dish which is more expensive. My brother, father and I tried their best-selling burgers (since we were craving) while my mom got Puttanesca pasta. My brother’s was their signature The Farm burger (local free-range) and my dad’s was their Three cheese burger also the local free-range version.


I got their local free-range Avocado Burger with alfalfa sprouts and organic lettuce in a Brioche bun. I must say, it was so good. I enjoyed every bite off of my burger. The alfalfa sprouts made it tastier and the unexpected pairing of the avocado and beef was well, unexpectedly good! The bun also was perfect because it was soft.

I was glad my family enjoyed their food since I picked this resto. My mom was very pleased that she even ordered pastries for take-out.

We are hoping to try out their other dishes soon because they all look so enticing and also because it fits our budget!


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