College of Education Recognition Rites

June 17, 2015

Words cannot define how much I am looking forward to this day. Our college recognition rites took place this morning and practically speaking, we are already graduates of De La Salle University- Manila!

Our recognition rites program was beautiful. It started with us, the candidates for graduation, marching down the stairs. The Vice Dean was the emcee, she gave the welcoming remarks, we sang the national anthem and also let out a few jokes. Sir Mateo, our OBB boss, gave a speech and also a graduate of BAGCED (Bro. Andrew Gonzalez College of Education) from years ago gave the inspirational talk. With the awards given (departamental and academic), our classmate and College of Education Student Government President, Monique Ungco gave her speech. The program ended with an invitation for the guests to join us for lunch and afterwards people started leaving and we headed for the the chapel.

Students donned their togas with their respective hoods (different colors per college). In my case, it was aqua blue but looks more sky blue. We had to wear our togas to the recognition rites program, to the baccalaureate mass and to the class picture taking. It was no easy task. It was so hot and in addition to that, underneath our togas we wore our semi formal attire. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t let the heat and hassle of wearing the toga let down our spirits down. While waiting, we entertained ourselves, singing and dancing, sharing stories etc. We had our turn to get our pictures taken and the next itinerary was worse than the last. We had to go to the parking lot of the sports complex building to have our graduation rehearsal. Even if we weren’t required to wear our togas, it was still hot. Good thing, I was sitting beside my friends or else, I would’ve lost my mind. The rehearsal ended around 7 pm. I was thankful it was drizzling on my way home because there was a little coolness in the air. But when I got home, after having dinner, I could feel myself hitting the sack. After a couple of minutes, I gave up and went to sleep.



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