First Meeting with the 9th Grade Students of Manuel Roxas High School

My first official school visit by myself started today. I was scheduled to meet the students of Roxas High School during their free time to make up for the holiday next week.

It was scheduled at 2 pm and I thought I was going to be late. But it turned out, the students were still in a talk/seminar which ended around 3pm. The OBB coordinator wasn’t there, even the principal. I asked to be directed to the Grade 9’s class adviser but she was the one giving the talk, so I had to wait. I waited for around 2 hours at least. After the talk, they had their flag retreat.DuringΒ the activity, the Grade 9 were scolded at because they were rowdy. The students themselves picked me up in front of the principal’s office and led me to their room. There, I met their teacher for that period and he kind of “reprimanded” me. Oh well, there’s always a first for everything.

Roxas High School
My students (c) Chin

I introduced my self to Curie (Grade 9 section B) and made them sign the acknowledgement receipt for their school supplies. They still had an exam for the teacher who scolded me so they had to go after our introductions. Just when I thought I was done, the next section came and was asking if they were going to have an OBB meeting. Thankfully, I met them without hassle. With this section (Archimedes) I was able to introduce myself, have them introduce themselves, make them sign the receipt and have a game. The students were very active and they reacted to every thing I said or I did, which was why it took time to quiet them down. We finished the game and I bade them goodbye. The commute going to and coming from the place was no joke although I enjoyed it because was very accurate!

What an experience and what a way to end the week. Indeed, I have a lot more to learn in this profession.


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