Café Shibuya

Today my aunt, uncle, brother and I set off to Marikina to attend a wake. After staying and being with the family for a while, we headed to UP Town Center for some father’s day lunch for my uncle. It is my aunt and uncle’s first time to go to UP Town, so we walked around first. It was already 1 pm so we decided to try out this cafe.

Cafe Shibuya



Cafe Shibuya ‘ s specialty are savory and sweet toasts. It comes it different (I think just two) sizes and flavors. But since it was lunch, we got rice meals. I got a chicken casserole, my aunt got spareribs, my brother got chicken in Kimchi rice and my uncle got pork belly in Kimchi rice. We were pleased with our food and we also got to try their original toast. Although it was plain, the toast was very tasty and the ice cream gave it more kick. I’m definitely coming back to try their other desserts and signature drinks.


Good meal, great Sunday!


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