Father’s day is just as important as mother’s day. Dads are our main men, our first boyfriends, protectors, teachers, supporters, etc. They are the gentle men in our lives who provide for our family.

I love my dad. My dad who I like to call Papa, is one of the people I live for. Whenever he talks or speaks, I can always tell when he is about to share his life story. My dad lost his mom at a young age and this loss gave him direction in life. I admire his strength and passion to teach and learn. He is one of the reasons I strive to be a good educator. He could also be very emotional sometimes when we do something wrong or if he’s extremely happy but when it happens I can see how much he feels or how much he loves us. I love my Papa very much.


To all the dads out there, no matter how long you’ve been a father or if this year is your first, THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING THIS LIFE. You don’t know how much love and happiness your children feel whenever you hug them tight or make them laugh. Your presence in our lives is irreplaceable, with you we feel safe and secure.


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