A Passage to India

Date started: 05/30/2015

Date finished: 06/22/2015

“People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading. -Logan Pearsall Smith

Another one off of my original book bucket list! This is one brought me to the land of India figuratively. Well, that goes the same with all the books I read, they bring me to different places. In this case, it was in India.

Reading the synopsis of the book at the back, I got an idea that it was about imperialism. While I read through the book, I thought ‘well, the characters in this book seem to get along well, where does the conflict surface?’. When I got to that part, I was surprised to know the reason. For people who want to read this, stop reading! I will be spilling parts of it! (I’m sorry!)

The main character, Aziz (native Indian) was put in prison because of Adela Quested’s (an English woman) claim that she was molested and taken advantage of of the prisoner. However, this is false because Aziz never did anything. This is where I realized imperialism crept in. The way the government handled the case reflected the power of the Englishmen over the Indians. The setting, India was being colonized by the English, which is why the favor of the people in power were with Adela Quested. Fortunately, after having hallucinations and echos in her head, Adela renounced her initial claim and set Aziz free. She said it was only a mistake that Aziz followed her but it may be another man. Even though Aziz got out, he still felt hatred towards the woman. This even affected his relationship with his good friend Mr. Fielding who developed a friendship with his fellow English, Miss Quested. In the end of the book, Aziz was able to forgive Adela and Fielding because of his love for Mrs. Moore (an elderly woman who grew close to his heart in the beginning of the novel) and through her son, Ralph.

The book gave me glimpses of the actual past in India through the eyes of E.M. Forster who took note of all details he saw in that land. A great book, indeed! One must not miss this!


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