Golden Friendships and Monday Mornings

“Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” -Swedish Proverb

I woke up late today from staying up late last night. I had a good night’s sleep and am prepared for today’s work. Today’s devotion made me smile and reminisce. It was all about friendship/s.

In the text, the author shared about his experience in the Olympics with his workout buddy. They trained together most of the time and they each knew each other’s victories and losses. Basically, they know everything about each other. When it came to the games, his friend got the top spot and him, coming from being the slowest qualifier, placed second. Although this happened they called each other “compreditors” not competitors. The win of another is their win. When they had time off the games, they remained best of friends because that’s what best friends do, they celebrate with you and not pull you down and be envious of you. The author felt like it was God’s plan for him to fall short and to give thanks for his friend’s win.

I am blessed and truly thankful to have friendships such as this– golden ones. I have formed a lot of friendships with certain people but only a few are worth keeping and fighting for. I believe my friends and I help one another grow and change for the better. When one succeeds in life or in one aspect in life we are not hesitant to celebrate with them. Friends are family.

TADS girls
TADS girls

I woke up late but still took time to prepare myself breakfast because I thought, ‘It’s a Monday morning, I should start the day right’. Today, I have a lot of things in mind to finish, some of which I was able to start on last night. Later at 6 pm I will have my first meeting with my Manila Science Grade 10 class. Wish me luck! I hope it will be a success.


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