Graduation Day! Batch 2015!

June 20, 2015

The day we have been waiting for has finally come!

My family and I got up early to prepare. We ate heavy breakfast c/o my uncle and dressed up quickly. The call time for the candidates for graduation was very early– 7:30 am. But when I arrived, a lot of them were already lined up. I took my time walking towards the PICC hall because I was wearing heels, not to mention I still have a blister from Thursday’s boat training. Everyone was lined up and slowly moving into the auditorium. The march was already starting! Each of us had to bow in front of a camera and walk to our designated seats. The waiting time towards the front was no joke because we had to go up and down the stairs and stand for a long time. It was even harder for us girls because we were wearing heels! But it’s okay we all looked beautiful still.

After bowing, the entrance of the university administration and fellows and the colors followed. No one was allowed to sit just yet. We were able to sit and rest our tired feet after the National anthem. But… I had to stand and go to the side of the stage right away for the awarding of special awards (no rest for me). I ascended the stage when my name was called and received my Cum Laude medal! Man it feels so amazing! I looked for my parents and they helped me pin it to my chest (toga).

The message of the Rev. Bro. Suplido FSC (president) was short and simple but profound, even my dad approved of it. Our batch was the first batch he addressed as the president of De La Salle-University Manila. We felt so honored!

After which, each of our names were called as we received our diplomas on stage. This part took most of the time because there were 1,251 graduates all in all! But it was great to see every graduate ascend the stage in their academic attire. I am so proud of us all!

The best part for me during the ceremony would be when we turned our tassels to the left side and Dr. Austria said ‘Congratulations!’. Every one was shouting and whoo-ing because we were finally done! We have reached yet another milestone in life! The singing of the alma mater song also signified that we were about to end our stay in our alma mater, DLSU. What a great journey it was! Truly, I wouldn’t exchange my 3-years worth of experience in DLSU for any other university and with another set of friends. I am blessed to be a part of the La Sallian community!



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