Velvet Friends Cat Cafe Company

Celeen, Nicole and I have been dying to go here (well, me and Celeen actually). We are trying to influence Nicole and expose her to cats so that she will like them. We told her, why not give them a chance? They are such sweet creatures, except when they scratch you.

We met up around 11 am and drove to the cat cafe. Celeen is now driving by the way, so we have more chances to go food tripping! 🙂 Oh how nice!

Velvet Friends Cat Cafe Company

We were lucky enough to be the only ones, maybe even the first ones that day. We had time to talk to the owner and ask where he got the idea of putting up this kind of business. Hearing him talk, starting and maintaining a cat cafe is no easy job. Just the process of importing and buying cats from abroad requires a lot of money and a ton of paperwork. Good thing he loves cats.

We had to pay a fee to be able to meet and play with the cats plus we had to wear socks. Celeen and I had to buy socks because we weren’t wearing foot socks, so there was an extra charge! We were only allowed to bring our phones/ cameras inside the room. The rest of our things had to go inside a locker assigned to us.

At last! We got inside the room with the cats! THEY WERE SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE! WE came during the time almost all of the cats were sleeping so we had to wake a few up in order to play with them. There was a cat keeper with us so she helped us pick up the cats and pet them. The cats were all named, my favorite one is called Quintin. Being with the cats made me want a cat of my own. The only problem we had was their fur! Since they were fur balls of joy, they shed fur. The thing was, Celeen and I were wearing black because we were to attend a wake later that day, so the fur were evident on our clothes. I think we stayed there for a solid hour just playing and taking pictures of the cats. I think we were able to make Nicole love cats too! Although she honestly admitted she was still afraid of them. But at least, she was able to come with us. We were also able to go to dog cafe earlier this year, that one Nicole liked. But for me and Celeen, we had more fun in this cafe given that we were the only customers and the cats were more entertaining. In the dog cafe, you weren’t allowed to wake the sleeping ones, but here even the owner told us we could wake up the cats! The fee we paid was worth it! Definitely coming back and thinking of getting my own furry friend someday!


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