Bitterness and Sweetness

“Freedom is sweet indeed.”

This is the last line in today’s devotion. Indeed, how sweet it is to finally let go of something that has been bothering you for a while, isn’t it? Today’s devotion talks about our chance to forgive others who have wronged us just as God forgives us of our sins.

There still might be things that we are bitter over, like relationships that didn’t work or last, people who left you hanging, and unsolved conflicts with people close to you. God teaches us to let go of the bitterness in our hearts. This will not only do ourselves good but also we are following what He wants us to do.

I keep telling myself to forgive, forgive and forgive. And it is true. Once you do, you will feel lighter and you will learn to live. The bitterness from the past won’t be holding you down anymore, because you are free.


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