Galleon by Mario’s Kitchen

Serendipity brought us to this place. We planned to eat in a Japanese restaurant I knew about from Chel in Mabini St. Unfortunately, even if we got there in no time, we found out that the place was under renovation. Oh well… So we hailed another cab and just looked around for a place to eat.

The cab driver turned on Bocobo St. where we saw this restaurant.

Galleon by Mario’s Kitchen

Vintage Maps
Vintage Maps

Located beside the hotel it serves, Galleon is fairly new. When we entered the resto, I immediately saw a platform and realized that they hold gigs or music nights there. Coming from the name itself, the place had a historic feel. There were vintage maps hung on the wooden wall which was, I believe, from railroad tracks. We were the only customers when we entered and it felt like, we were the first ones too.

Bagnet and Callos
Bagnet and Callos

They offer Filipino/Spanish food which coincidentally, my aunt loves. My uncle and I ordered their Pinakbet (assorted vegetables with a special sauce) with Crispy Bagnet(deep fried pork originating from Ilocos) while my aunt indulged herself with Callos and Paellita.

Pinakbet with Bagnet
My order: Pinakbet with Bagnet
My aunt’s paellita

I felt very excited once I saw what was mine: the bagnet very crispy indeed, the colorful pinakbet and the steaming hot bagoong rice. My uncle and I were very pleased with our orders. My aunt had two dishes for herself, the Callos (Ox-tripe) and Paellita (single serving of Paella) which made her happy. The dining experience was unexpectedly good! After getting the bill and paying, we felt the need to walk around so we headed to the nearest mall and looked around. What a great day to bond with my aunt and uncle!


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