High School Friends are Forever

I have been looking forward to this day all week because today I will be seeing my high school best friends. We had planned this date for weeks now and all was carefully laid out for me. I would meet them in Eastwood and have lunch. After having lunch I will go home and meet my parents. I never expected, this day could get better.

I commuted from Taft to Eastwood. Taking my usual route, boarding two trains, and taking a cab to Eastwood. An estimated one and a half hours was spent on my commuting alone. Good thing they got there early and was able to get a table for us. Earlier in the month, Crizelle asked me where I wanted to eat and I said we should try Green Pastures, an organic local restaurant serving, well of course, healthy food. She didn’t complain.

Green Pastures


I got there and immediately hugged them hello and proceeded to asking how they were. They ordered an appetizer already called Chicken Fried Bacon! It was so good!

Chicken Fried Bacon:
Chicken Fried Bacon:

The conversation just flowed throughout the course of our lunch. A lot of updates were given about each other’s lives, from OJTs, Theses to work schedules. We remember the old days when we would just think of these days. When we just stressed ourselves with the latest movie or the latest fashion trend and not talking about these grown-up stuff. Oh how time flies.


Our lunch consisted of Green Pastures’ Carbonara and GP Porkchop. The food was rightly enough for us and we all were so full after finishing our shares. I am glad I was able to convince them especially Crizelle to eat healthy for once!

LUNCH: GP's Carbonara and GP Porkchop
LUNCH: GP’s Carbonara and GP Porkchop

Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. My friends surprised me by saying our lunch was their treat. I felt so happy because first of all, what thoughtful friends I have and second of all, I am able to save money! Kidding aside, I was very touched because of this small gesture. Apparently, they were making it up to me because they already missed two important events in my life, my debut dinner and graduation dinner. I appreciate what they did and I promised them our next date will be my treat.


Just like we always do, we went around. We have this habit of just walking around when we’re together. Sometimes we get to a place and ask ourselves why we are there. The conversations just bring us to places, I guess.


(L-R) Macao Dream, Milky Cube and Matcha Green Tea

We found a place to rest our feet and beat the summer heat (that rhymed). It was in this small ice cream shop that we decided to chill for a while until we thought of something to do. We ordered ice creams with different toppings and shared. I got their Macao Dream, Patricia got Matcha Green Tea and Crizelle got their Milky Cube.

After a couple of laughs and reminiscing, my mother wanted me to meet them already, so we had to rush our taking of pictures and had to leave Crizelle alone too for a while. We tried asking the guard to take our pictures, but when he did, our pictures came out blurry so we decided to do it ourselves. SELFIE! After that, Crizelle brought us to the front steps of the mall and Patricia and I waited in line for a taxi.

Quite an adventurous day for me! Something I will remember for sure! Truly, friends are family. Sisters from another mother, people who share the love you have for yourself. To more days like this!


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