I can’t believe the week is about to end. I was a little moody when I arrived home. I hate waiting, especially when I’m under the sun. It just makes me cranky every time. This is something I have to change. There some things and situations I wouldn’t be able to control. I just have to be patient.

After my classes, my family and I had lunch and after that we rested. My mom got back from her classes at around 4 pm and during that time we prepared to leave. I got excited when my mom said we could go somewhere in Maginhawa to eat. Maginhawa St. in Teachers’ Village in UP is one of the food hubs in the country. Just like Lilac St. and Kapitolyo, it is one street where a lot of food ventures are built and put up. Who wouldn’t get excited about that?



My parents have already been to this place and they loved it, which is why they wanted me to try it. Their bestseller, Iberian Chicken, is my dad’s favorite. I shared a whole chicken with my dad cause,ย why not? My mom as always, got pasta.

Iberian Chicken
Iberian Chicken in garlic olive oil

The food was great!!! I loved the chicken. my dad did a good job convincing me to try it. I’m glad I did! He even gave me his watermelon and strawberry fruit shake. It also tasted good!After we had our dinner, I asked my mom if I could try their Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. I thought maybe this is where they got the restaurant’s name.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes
Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

I was also happy I tried this. It wasn’t that sweet and so my parents loved it too! Eating this, it made me want to buy a whole cake. Maybe next time.

They brought me to the train station after and they went to booksale to unwind and let traffic die down. I love my parents!


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