Day Out with the Titas

It was raining when I headed out to meet one of my friends in McDonald’s. I met Andrea because she was eating breakfast alone. But when I arrived, Bea, her friend was there with her.Β  I already met Bea before in one of our lunches with Andrea. She is one of Andrea’s closest friends. We were able to get into a conversation and it felt so easy to talk to her. After a while, we were already comfortably sharing jokes and laughing together. When I was about to leave, a guy approached us and asked if he could sit with us. He is a frosh (La sallian term for freshman) student and he still had 4 hours to wait before he could go inside the school. At first, we were weirded out and a bit caught off guard of this who suddenly approached us. He is young and friendly. He even openly shared about his family background. Something we found a bit unusual especially since we are practically strangers to him. His name is Jared and he will be taking up Mechanical Engineering in DLSU. It was quite an experience meeting somebody this way. I left and prepared to leave for Makati.

My tita (aunt) and I rode a taxi to Glorietta 5 to meet up with her old friends. Tita Baby, Tita Angie and Tito Nino were our dates for today. We chose to eat in Yabu: House of Katsu for lunch. This restaurant’s specialty is Katsu. I have tried this before and I wanted to try something new from their menu so I ordered Hot Menchi Katsu Curry. It was good!!!! I’m glad I tried something new.

We walked around after Tito Nonoy left. We were able to buy food from the weekend market and hang out in the coffee shop. I lead them to CBTL for coffee and desserts. I also gave them my July CBTL coupon from my planner as my contribution. I’m happy to be with my titas and the still the day is not yet over. I wonder where we are headed next…


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