1st Day of Review Classes and Hizon’s

Our first day of review classes started today. I, together with Chin and Bia, headed to Philippine Normal University or PNU for our LET reviews. We met Kat, Strawbherry and Nica there as we entered the classroom. A number of other people were with us too for this. Our group is specializing in Values Education. We were given reviewers which contained our topics for the coming weeks or days and evaluation forms for the facilitators. Our first topic was Philosophy. Kat and I felt relieved because we took INTFILO (Introduction to Philosophy) during our last term, so our knowledge about philosophers were quite fresh. Philosophy covered our morning till lunch. For lunch, we walked all the way to UN Avenue. We ate in Chowking because it was the nearest possible fast food restaurant. Chin, Nica, Bia and I ordered Lauriat plates. They were loaded. The plate had a cup of rice, noodles, chicken/fried spring rolls/ pork chop, siomai, chicharon and buchi. We didn’t care if we looked silly eating big meals, but we were hungry and we had to gear up for the afternoon. We finished them all, all four of us.

The afternoon session was all about Psychological Theories of Values Development and the Intra and Interpersonal Development. The facilitator said we would end at 7 pm. 6 hours??? That was way too long. I got a little sleepy because of the food but the coldness kept me awake. It was so cold in the room it was already a distraction. I had to pull out my PNU shirt and make it a blanket to keep me warm. Short breaks were very helpful and the occasional corny jokes from my seatmate, Kat.

Finally, the classes ended around 6:30 pm despite the facilitator’s promise of ending earlier. My family was already waiting for me for almost 2 hours so I hurriedly went downstairs.

Hizon’s & Za’s

Old vibe

My family already had a place to eat in mind as we went through Manila. They chose for us to eat in Hizon’s, a place my tita has been dying to try since the past month. Hizon’s is a famous bakeshop. Their Brazo and Mocha cakes are very famous.

Pineapple pies
Pineapple pies

We ate in their restaurant, Za’s (since 1963). My mom and tita said this place is still a crowd favorite and is full during lunch and during weekdays. We ordered their best sellers and were given 6 pieces of their diner rolls. It was heavenly! It made my parents buy bread.

Hamburger Steak
Dolphy’s favorite: Hamburger Steak

Our orders came and we all loved our choices. I ordered one of Dolphy’s (a famous Filipino comedian) favorites, Hamburger Steak. My brother got their Cheeseburger, my parents got their clubhouse sandwich (bestseller) and an additional Palabok plate, while my tita and tito got their Chow Mien (another bestseller). Their food is good! We already planned to go back during the week to try their menu designated for each day. Before we left, we bought bread and tried some of their sweet treats. Hizon’s gave us a vibe of the Old Manila, we are definitely coming back for more!


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