Rainy Monday Morning and Temporary Amnesia

We always face challenges that often make us think and doubt if God will help us through it. God never fails. If He is able to help you once through a problem, it is never impossible that He won’t be able to help you through a couple more again. This is the topic of my devotion today. We forget that God is powerful. We forget how God can easily pull us through any problem. We must never forget and continue to praise him for helping us through difficult times. I, myself, often forget that he is our God. The God who is the creator of all and who is the one who can help me the most. I often think that my problem is big enough but God is bigger than my problems. In trying times, let us not forget God’s presence and power over us, situations and the problems that arise. His mercy and grace are abundant and everlasting.

It is a rainy Monday morning. There are already a lot of provinces suspending their classes for the day. Chin and I are slightly hoping classes would be suspended for our schools. The rain might get stronger later and it would be hard for us to go around. Anyway, another full day of classes with Chin today. Such an exciting day!


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