Gym on a Tuesday and Investments

As an athlete or even as an ordinary person, one of our main goals is to win– to be successful. We do everything to attain our goals in life. We are sometimes blinded by the fame and the glory that we forget the other things in life. I was struck by a particular line in my devotional book. It goes like this, ‘life is more than medals, more than winning…’. The writer suggests that we invest not only in being successful or our careers or jobs but in our relationships that we tend to neglect. As I approach a race day this coming Sunday, and as the women’s team pacer, I always remind myself to do all for God’s glory. I entrust everything to him, even my peace of
mind. Races could really be nerve-wracking but with His help I get through them. Only God can put me through tough times like this.

It’s only a Tuesday and yet we had gym training this early morning. We all had a feeling we wouldn’t be able to move properly tomorrow. Our legs were shaky from doing duck walks, sprints, lunges and squats. We are preparing for Sunday. We aim for gold but most of all we do it for His greater name. Animo!


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