Suspensions and Forgetfulness

Just last night I was worried sick about going to my schools. I knew the storm would come today and so I thought about the possible ways I could save myself from getting stuck or wet. I got my umbrella, rain boots and plastic bags ready just in case I’d have to brave the strong rain and get to my classes. Luckily enough, classes in Manila got suspended just this morning. It means more time for me to prepare and study for my lessons, to eat and sleep of course!

Often times, we forget. We forget things, we forget what we have to do and more often than not, we forget to thank God for the blessings He showers upon us. I am guilty of this. I get carried away with my emotions that I forget to stop and thank Him for giving blessings in my life. I only remember to do this at the end of the day or even days after. Being grateful to God and being diligent in prayer are things we shouldn’t disregard. For example, after reading and reflecting on my (this) devotion, I thanked God for answering most of my prayers and I remembered to thank Him for the rain today. Because of this, my classes got suspended which I believe, saves me from struggling to commute under the pouring rain. Receiving blessings from God somehow changes/changed my perspective in life. Sometimes, even a bad situation could be a form of blessing. We had an argument with another team this morning whom time slot we didn’t mean to occupy. Because of that, we had to go down early which in a way saves us from the strong winds and rain that might have given us a hard time. Blessings arise and come in many ways and this should remind us that there are reasons for everything. We must be more mindful and thank Him for giving these disguised/ undisguised blessings to us.


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