Chocolate Porridge and Possibilities

“Faith makes things possible, not easy.” – Author unknown

I was struck by this quotation about today’s devotion. The upcoming race immediately came to my mind. The team is now struggling to find time to train because there are thunderstorms which hinder us from training on water.

The quotation is perfect for me because what I undergo with my teammates during one race course is not easy. But with God’s help it is possible. It is possible to finish first, it is possible to finish fast but it is never easy. We carry our own weight in the boat and possibly our teammates’ too and of course the water. Our upper bodies move in synchronization and our endurance is always challenged. There areΒ also the transitions from fast strokes to long strokes then fast strokes again. It requires moving like one and trusting each other.

Things are possible when there is faith. But remember, these things are never easy. Finishing your degree in college is possible with faith, even finishing with honors, but it will never be easy. Everything we dream of becoming will never come easy, we have to work hard for it but it will always be possible with God.


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