Cafe Mary Grace

Yesterday was another lazy day for us. Celeen, Nicole and I decided to head out of Taft even for just a while.

Out of boredom, we thought of going for a hot chocolate run in Greenbelt, a mall in Makati, and maybe some window shopping. We brought Celeen’s sister, Eva, with us too! This was the first time she was going out with us.

Celeen brought a car and drove to Makati. The road was clear and there was minimal traffic. We got there in a matter of a few minutes only. The ride going to the mall was very memorable. It was like the first time we saw each other again for the longest time. We couldn’t stop laughing, we teased each other a lot and a lot of stories and a few dreams were shared. Our conversation was very animated and our laughter loud and infectious.

Cafe Mary Grace

We got to the mall and walked to Cafe Mary Grace. Cafe Mary Grace prides itself with home-cooked and baked food. Another factor that I think invites people to come here is the ambiance and the home-y feel you get when you dine in their restaurants.


On their tables, you would see a lot of hand-written notes of loyal customers for Mary Grace, the woman behind the kitchen doors, scattered under the glass. I remember telling my friends how in other branches of the restaurant, there are also a lot of these notes. I wonder how many Mary Grace has all in all.


The cafe gives of a home-y vibe like what I said earlier. The furniture are wooden, a lot of frames are hung on the wall, and a lot of ceramics are displayed. It is just like how your mother’s/ grandmother’s kitchen would look like.

Cafe Mary Grace is famous for their ensaymadas and cheese rolls. Since we are on a tight budget (we tried), we ordered hot chocolate with either ensaymada or cheese roll. It was also fitting because it was rainy and the hot chocolate made us feel warm.

Eva ordered Mint Chocolate with a cheese roll. Celeen ordered White Choco with Cashew Nuts and a cheese roll. Nicole ordered Cold Hot Chocolate (something we kind of debated on because it looked like an ice-blended beverage instead) and ensaymada. While I ordered Mexicana Hot Choco (hot choco spiked with Cinnamon and Chili) and ensaymada.

Hot Choco + Ensaymada
Perfect Combination

We talked over our hot chocolate cups and pastries and shared our dragonboat stories with Eva. After eating, we wanted to have our picture taken in the children’s corner of the cafe. The corner was every inch of perfect and coziness. It was stacked with toys and the ceiling was lined with ribbons and circle lights. We all dreamed of having a corner like that too. While the children played behind us, we smiled for a couple of pictures with stuffed toys and toys at hand. Celeen wanted the children to go but their parents were there so…they were part of our background.

Children's corner
Children’s corner

We went around the mall for a while, stopping a couple of times in shops that interested us. We learned a couple of new things in this shop which imports Olive Oil and various organic products.

We also went to another mall hoping to meet this baby on Instagram we all find adorable. We didn’t see her but we ended up getting animal face masks which I will be sharing about in my next post. Days like this make me feel relaxed and just enjoy my time with my friends.


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